We Are Forever Partners..

My Twin

We are always wondering in our life, where can we always find the best partner in what ever we do.. The one who can accompany us if we wanna go for shop or even just window shopping, when we are sad or depressed, he or she is the one who always be by our side comforting our hurtful heart and emotions, the one who we can lean on when we encounter any difficulties.. It is really not easy to find the best clique person.. But I am forever grateful to God to made me born with my forever partner and other half – my twin sister. We did had our arguments, our fights in somethings we clashed on but in the end we are always understand each other very well.. We sometimes just even having an eye contact from a far and later when we talk to each other we knew we are in the same page and same thought! hehe.. Once, when we were not in the same high school cause we got different offer of boarding school, it’s like almost everyday we will hang out to the school phone booth just to hear each other voices.. haha.. what a memories.. and as we are twin sister, though we were not in the same high school for two years, we eventually having the same result for the final year examination of our high schools in which the examinations took on the same days for the whole nation! hehe.. I am always happy and never alone whenever I am with her.. Thanks dear sister for having me from the moment we share our room inside our mom’s womb.. =)

p/s- this weekly photo challenge let me express my heart contents and the very moment I read about it in The Daily Post I was very much attracted to join.. thanks for letting me write this my very first post. I am indeed happy =)


First SN Pen Scratch Post

Assalammualaikum. This is my very first scratch of post in word press. I have another site in blogger which I created long time ago. In fact, I had my first account of word press almost 6 years ago but never had a chance to create a post as I am so busy with studying and those blog site which almost became inactive too later.I love to write but sometime its so hard to fine new awesome ideas or even items to write about. And some sort of reason I don’t wanna remember the past date of created word press site and so here I am with new account and my very initial post. I guess I will just forget those account and let them inactive as I already deleted the site but somehow I dunno how to delete the account, thus creating new site with new email. That’s okay. I try to remember how I did found another site to write other than by¬† blogging. Erm, I guess I learn it from a friend or many friends but still I cannot remember the exact reasons.. haha.. anyhow I would love to write when I have time and to write whatever I love to.. for those who wanna read and make new friends with me I would be more happier.. hehe.. I will try to post in English as it is my second language and I would try to write in a full words not in a short form.. just because.. hehe.. well, that is all for now.. will post something again later.. take care and have a great day everyone! =)