First SN Pen Scratch Post

Assalammualaikum. This is my very first scratch of post in word press. I have another site in blogger which I created long time ago. In fact, I had my first account of word press almost 6 years ago but never had a chance to create a post as I am so busy with studying and those blog site which almost became inactive too later.I love to write but sometime its so hard to fine new awesome ideas or even items to write about. And some sort of reason I don’t wanna remember the past date of created word press site and so here I am with new account and my very initial post. I guess I will just forget those account and let them inactive as I already deleted the site but somehow I dunno how to delete the account, thus creating new site with new email. That’s okay. I try to remember how I did found another site to write other than by  blogging. Erm, I guess I learn it from a friend or many friends but still I cannot remember the exact reasons.. haha.. anyhow I would love to write when I have time and to write whatever I love to.. for those who wanna read and make new friends with me I would be more happier.. hehe.. I will try to post in English as it is my second language and I would try to write in a full words not in a short form.. just because.. hehe.. well, that is all for now.. will post something again later.. take care and have a great day everyone! =)


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